Why New Construction?

There are so many advantages to building your own home!

Everything is brand new. Obviously, right? Buying resale home means checking the age and condition of the roof, the plumbing, the electrical system, the windows, the appliances…need I go on? When you build new, everything is new, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing a water heater or upgrading the electrical system.

Your home your way. How many times have you walked into a home and immediately thought of ten things you would have done differently? Not with new construction – you get a home built to your specifications! The number and size of the bedrooms, what layout functions best for the way you live, the cabinet and counter colors you like in the kitchen and bathrooms, how many closets you need, and so on – it’s all up to you!

Price. Many are intimidated by the idea of building a new home because they think it is more expensive than buying a resale. Truthfully, you have more control over the cost with new construction than with any other purchase – you choose a floor plan and all the features, so you can decide how much you want to spend on everything. Also, you can rest assured that your systems are brand new and functioning and won’t be an unexpected expense in the near future.

If building a new home is something you’re considering, it’s always important to set up a meeting with the builder as soon as possible so you can both be clear about your needs and desires. Coming to the meeting prepared with some critical information will help it be as productive as possible:

pexels-photoYour budget. Not every home will cost the same to build – there are many factors that impact the final property price. Knowing what you can afford to spend ahead of time will allow the builder to help you choose a lot, design a plan, and select home features that will keep you in your price range.

Your needs and your wish list. In your initial meeting, the builder will take into account what your must-haves are in a home and help you choose a plan that meets your needs first. Such things as number of bedrooms, the location and size of the garage, whether you need basement living space, and so on are often essential elements for you and/or your family. Based on that plan and your budget, the builder will then work with you to adjust what needs adjusting – a bigger closet in the master bedroom, the size of the family room, the location of the kitchen island, and so on – while staying within your financial parameters.

Your time frame. Homes aren’t built in a month…not good ones, anyway. A quality home takes time to build (but is definitely worth the wait!) A good builder will be able to estimate a time frame for your construction, with obvious allowances for mother nature. A lot of the construction process depends on you, the buyer – how quickly will you make decisions about the features going into your home? Be prepared – print out pictures from the internet of granite colors you love or a fireplace that has the style you’re looking for so when the time comes to have these discussions, you’re ready.

Deciding to build your own home, especially if it’s your first time, can seem overwhelming. Having experienced agents and a builder who can help you through the process is so important and they can help you every step of the way. There is nothing better than coming home to something you designed to perfectly meet your needs, though – it’s definitely worth the effort!


  1. Dave Anderson says

    I am going to be moving soon and while I have been looking at houses for sale my wife has been looking into building our own home. I was doubtful because I am not looking to spend a large amount of money on this house. However, after reading this article I now know that the price really depends on what you want in the home. If I can have complete control over what I want my house to look like and I can buy it for cheaper, that will be the route I go.

    • Geoff Green says

      Dave, yes that is good insight. At the end of the day if you can find a re-sale home that is exactly what you are looking for at the right price that is certainly a much easier route. The problem right now is that you might find the inventory of acceptable homes to be low. Many other Buyers are finding this to be the case. Because of that it certainly makes sense to at least consider new construction. If you are searching in our area Nancy Sardo is a great Agent to work with. She is the person who wrote this blog. Super lady.